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Buyer Tips
1st Time Buyer's
HomePath is proud to launch our HomePath Ready Buyer program
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Complaints OF Short Sale & REO Buyers
5 Most Common Complaints Of Short Sale & REO Buyers
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Mortgage Interest Rates Explained
Lower rates can dramatically lower payments.
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New Home Purchases send $56,000 into the Economy
National Association of Realtors note the impact..
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Radon & Mold
Tips on looking our for Radon & Mold in your new home
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Energy Efficiency Checklist & Helpful tips
Flyers from the National Association of Realtors...
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FHA & Rural Housing Loans
New Flyer by the National Association of Realtors
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How Financing Details Affect Your Offer
Most buyers need to obtain a mortgage to purchase. Since you will probably make your purchase contingent upon obtaining a mortgage, the seller has the right to be informed.
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Comparable Sales and Your Offer Price
Many factors affect how you determine your offer: motivation, market conditions,home improvements, property condition,....
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The Basics of Writing an Offer
Writing an Offer to Purchase Real Estate
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The Business Cycle & Buying Your Home
Topics: Recession & Expansion,Supply & Demand, Should You Try to "Time the Market"?, Why You Should Not Wait, It Tends to Equal Out.
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Don't Buy A Car!
....or Did You Already Buy One?
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Selecting Service Providers
You and the Seller Must Agree. Buying a home does not occur in a vacuum, involving only you and the seller.
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Things to Avoid!
Topics: Don't Move Money Around, The Effect of Changing Jobs,How Changing Jobs Affects Buying a Home, Employment Status,No Major Purchases of Any Kind!
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Benefits of Owning Your Own Home
Topics: The Best Investment, Income Tax Savings, Stable Monthly Housing Costs, Forced Savings, Freedom & Individualism, More Space
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